Paul Kiddie

Running OSX Snow Leopard using VMWare Player in Windows

January 04, 2010

iHackintosh has a great article showing how you can get Snow Leopard (the latest and greatest from Apple) running as a Virtual Machine under Windows by using VMWare Workstation, a custom disk image and a retail copy of Snow Leopard.

Turns out you can also follow the same steps in that tutorial using the latest version of VMWare Player (currently at 3.0.0), which is the free virtualisation solution from VMWare. You need an Intel based host with hardware virtualisation present and enabled, but handily Microsoft offers a free tool called the HAV Detection Tool to check both your processor is capable and that it is enabled in the BIOS.

The interface presented is slightly different to VMWare workstation in the iHackintosh tutorial: to edit the VM’s settings you can either right click on the downloaded VMWare image and ‘Edit VM’, or select the VMWare image and click ‘VM’ then ‘Settings’ in the menu bar in order to mount the relevant ISOs.

Bear in mind the terms of use specifically exclude Mac OS from being used other than on a Mac, so the above is just for informational purposes.

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