Paul Kiddie

First entry: Metallica gig @ Wembley

July 14, 2007

Last weekend myself and a few other Student Partners, Representatives, MVPs and the academic team from Microsoft went to the Metallica gig which was part of their ‘Sick of the Studio ‘07’ tour which happened last Sunday. What impressed me was the rapid change-over as Live Earth had been on the night before! Anyway, it was fair to say I had a brilliant time, as I’d also been looking forward to seeing HIM who were supporting the legends. It was also good that Metallica went for their classics with anthems from their Load, Reload and black album. And it put the icing on the cake having beer on tap pretty much! :)

So a brilliant event but a bit sad as it marks the final event as an MSP. Best of luck to all those taking part next year - we had a lot of fun!

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